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Drink Up Baby

Look At The Stars

21 November 1990
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Lena, twenty-three, sweet dreamer, make believer, California livin'. Not much to know. I make my opinions known and some of them are quite strong. I'm extremely creative and love writing. I'm Orthodox Christian. Born and raised. And I'm currently going to a junior college here in town. I don't know what I want to do the possibilities are endless at this point. Who knows? Possibly cosmetology. Maybe writing. Could work with kids. Maybe animals. You never know. I listen to music incessantly. Often being told that I'm too plugged in all the time by my big sister. If you ask what kind, indie, grunge, rock, pop, rap, r&b, country, electro, alternative, singer-songwriter, it varies. Current obsessions: the Walking Dead, e-books, coffee, writing.


The three best and quickest ways to contact me are through PM on here {OR} through my main social e-mail used for forums, roleplay needs, and such: xxjoonbugxx@gmail.com, you can also get me on Skype with xxjoonbugxx {OR} kik: xxjoonbugxx. Please use it. :)

If you need me you know where to find me. <3
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